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Claybrook Mountain Lodge

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61 Howard Hill Road
Highland Plantation, ME 04961

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Claybrook Mountain Lodge


Claybrook Mountain Lodge
61 Howard Hill Rd.
Highland, ME

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Claybrook Mountain Lodge
has been providing quality outdoor experiences for guests since 1984.

Our mission is to provide a warm, hospitable atmosphere for visitors to Maine's beautiful western mountain region.
Our specialty is helping guests enjoy the great outdoors year-round.  Right now enjoy the time when the fields, woods, and streams are alive with green and fragrances--and extraordinary sightings of living creatures!  For trekking in the wilds, this is the perfect place!  (And there's always a place to sit back and put your feet up when you've trekked enough for the day!)

We provide individualized experiences from  professionally guided hunting trips, to picnics on the beach, to seminars on migrating birds, and much more!
Claybrook Mountain Lodge has been “home” to our guests for nearly thirty years. We invite you to join us and enjoy...learn...trek...and track.  Most of all, we know you'll have a great time!