Biking Maine’s High Peaks is beyond compare. Above you, blue sky with puffs of clouds. On either side you are curtained with an array of seasonal colors. Maine’s High Peaks welcomes you to relax and enjoy its wondrous sights. You may choose a leisurely ride through the majestic pines, or down a well groomed path; Exploring the Bigelow Preserve by bike is a fantastic way to see some of Maine’s most beautiful, pristine areas. Or, you may feel adventurous and decide to stretch your legs with a Biking Tour in which you can travel all through Maine’s High Peaks. During your adventure you will have the opportunity to visit local towns and historic landmarks along the way. You will encounter many fantastic photo opportunities along Maine’s High Peaks, be it an awe inspiring sunrise that sets the mountain sky aflame, reflecting it’s vibrant colors onto the calm lake surface below; Or you may encounter a moose and her calf as they leisurely dine on the fresh spring leaves. Be inspired, Maine’s High Peaks has something for everyone.